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Welcome to Assumption!

Next week, Saturday, July 30th, stop by Assumption after the 5:30 PM Mass for a celebration as our Seminarian Intern    Nick Baker ends his internship here and looks forward to his remaining two years in the seminary.

Hopefully with God willing and the continued discerning of his vocation by both the Bishop and by Nick himself, he will be ordained a deacon in 2023 and a priest on the first Saturday of June, 2024.

It has been a joy for me to work with Nick and get to know him these past six months. He is a man of great talents and a big heart, and I look forward to serving with him as brother priests some day.

Join us for an open house/cook out following the 5:30 PM Mass. More information is below as well as on page 5 of this weekend’s bulletin. It will also be sent to your email through Evangelus.

~ Fr. Tony Pelak

See the blueprint of the Building on a Firm Foundation Plan:

To Pray for an End to the War & All Conflict in Ukraine!

Schedule for This Week

Monday, July 18

7:00 AM 

Mass Intentions: For the repose of the Forgotten Souls in Purgatory

7:00 PM – Rosary for Peace

Tuesday, July 19

No Mass

7:00 PM – Rosary for Peace

Wednesday, July 20

5:30 PM Mass

Mass Intentions: For the repose of the soul of Sharon Luce

6:00 PM Reconciliation
7:00 PM Rosary for Peace

Thursday, July 21

9:00 AM Mass

Mass Intentions:  For an end to the war in Ukraine

7:00 PM Rosary for Peace

Friday, July 22

9:00 AM Mass

Mass Intentions: For all challenged by serious, chronic mental & emotional illnesses.

7:00 PM – Rosary for Peace

Saturday, July 23

4:00 PM – Reconciliation

5:00 PM Rosary

5:30 PM Mass

Mass Intentions: For the repose of the soul of Alex Borgia, Mary Czarnopys

Sunday, July 24

2nd Annual World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

9:00 AM Mass

Mass Intentions: For the repose of the souls of the Deceased Members of Assumption Parish

11:00 AM Mass

Mass Intentions:  For the repose of the soul of Robert Schumaker

5:00 PM – Rosary
5:30 PM Mass

Mass Intentions: For the repose of the soul of Lori Jacob

Monday, July 25

7:00 AM Mass 

Mass Intentions: For the Intentions of our Holy Father, Pope Francis

7:00 PM – Rosary for Peace in Church

Tuesday, July 26

No Mass

7:00 PM – Rosary for Peace in Church

The 5:30 PM Wednesday Mass, the 9:00 AM Thursday Mass, the 5:30 PM Saturday Mass and the 9:00 AM Sunday Mass will be LIVE-STREAMED on Facebook and Vimeo.

Assumption’s Annual Arts, Crafts & Market Bazaar

Saturday, November 5, 2022

9:00 AM-3:00 PM

Crafters, Artists and Vendors Needed!

Print your vendor registration form HERE


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