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Welcome to Assumption!

Every year the priests of the Diocese of Grand Rapids gather together up north for a few days of study, prayer and relaxation called the Fall Convocation of Priests. This year we will be staying

in Traverse City and it starts Monday, September 27th and goes until Thursday the 30th. The study portion of this year’s conference will focus on the interplay between a good, personal prayer life and the responsibility to preach homilies. Sometimes it is good to focus back on the basics and what is really fundamental to our ministry. The liturgical prayer part during the conference is always one of my favorites because it is good to be able to spend some time with my brother priests as we honor those who are celebrating milestone anniversaries like 25, 40, 50 and 60 years of ordination. We always have a special Mass on Wednesday for the jubilarians that is followed by a banquet. We also have time set aside to relax and explore Northern Michigan. During the conference, the Bishop will also address the priests and give his State of the Diocese Address. This is always  interesting because he explains what his hopes are for the diocese and he shares some of the issues he is facing.

In the end, I find the convocation very helpful because I am able to reconnect with my brother priests, many of whom I hardly see throughout the year, and I usually feel refreshed, renewed and ready to get back to work.

Fr.  Tony

COVID Update

Due to the CDC’s classification of high risk level for COVID-19 transmission in Kent County, the CDC and the Diocese of Grand Rapids strongly recommends that all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask in public indoor settings in our church. If you come to Mass and forget a mask, a box of masks is located in the Narthex and you are free to take one. Hand sanitizer is readily available in the Narthex and entrance into the sanctuary. All are welcome to use as needed.

Please see the parish bulletin, website or Facebook page for any COVID updates as they will be placed there as soon as they are received. We made it through the worst of this pandemic, and working together, we’ll make it through whatever may come our way!

Application can be downloaded HERE!

Schedule for This Week

Monday, September 20

7:00 AM Mass (NEW MASS TIME!)

Mass Intention: For the repose of the Forgotten Souls in Purgatory

Tuesday, September 21 – No Mass

Wednesday, September 22

5:30 PM Mass

Mass Intention: For the repose of the souls of Nathan Tafelsky, Tessa Powers

6:00 PM – Reconciliation in the Chapel

Thursday, September 23

9:00 AM Mass

Mass Intention: For an end to abortion

9:30 AM: Eucharistic Adoration through 11:00 AM Friday

Friday, September 24                                            

9:00 AM Mass

Mass Intention: For the Intentions of Rich & Maureen Jones

3:00 PM: Divine Mercy Chaplet in the Chapel

Saturday, September 25      

4:00 PM: Reconciliation in the Chapel

5:00 PM: Rosary

5:30 PM Mass 

Mass Intention: For the repose of the souls of Rob Kruse, William & Mary Anne Gagnon, Mitchell Panek

Sunday, September 26 

8:30 AM: Rosary

9:00 AM Mass

Mass Intention: For the repose of the souls of Brian Wildman, Robert & Genevieve Quick, Norman Pelak

10:30 AM: Rosary

11:00 AM Mass

Mass Intention: For the repose of the souls of Brian Wildman, Tom Waeltermann, Bernie Tomasik

5:00 PM: Rosary

5:30 PM Mass 

Mass Intention: For the repose of the souls of all the Deceased Members of Assumption Parish

Monday, September 27

9:00 AM Mass

Mass Intention: For our country’s leaders.

  The 5:30 PM Wednesday Mass, the 9:00 AM Thursday Mass, the 5:30 PM Saturday Mass and the 9:00 AM Sunday Mass will be LIVE-STREAMED on Facebook and Vimeo.

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