College Students Ditch Smartphones for a Week

Article appeared in Crusade Magazine, March/April 2020 | Return to Order Edition

On November 7, 2019, Professor Donna Freitas of Adelphi University in Long Island decided to tackle the growing problem of technology addiction by challenging her students to go for a week without their smartphones. “I’ve become more and more concerned by my students’ inability to sustain attention,” Freitas explained.

Experiencing Life, Conversation, Relationships

“I’m interested in them just experiencing life and conversation and relationships without constantly grabbing for their phones.”

Nearly two dozen students volunteered to turn in their phones to faculty for safekeeping. While many students were initially anxious about parting from their phones, they reported by the end of the week that the decision had a positive effect on their lives.

As one student put it: “Everything is perfect right now. I’m having better relationships…It’s a stress-free environment, no worries about social media.”