Alive in You Mission Trip to St. Louis, Missouri

On July 9, twenty-eight people loaded a charter bus at 5:30 AM on their way to “Alive in You” in St. Louis for a Mission Trip.  The bus was almost silent.  Besides being told we were to “paint”, we weren’t really sure what to anticipate. Consequently, the ride was quiet as most were contemplating what our mission was to be! We were almost to St. Louis when Beth’s phone rang. It was Jim, the head of Alive in You. He told her that the painting was canceled that morning and we would need a different job.

However, that very morning he [randomly] met a nun, Sr. Mercy, while touring St. Louis. After speaking with Sr. Mercy, he found out that the Sisters of the Good Shepherd were in need of a lot of help. So this is where our group was to be sent to work instead.

Arrival at the Sisters of the Good Shepherd

Upon arrival the next day, we immediately saw that the Sisters of the Good Shepherd facility was definitely in need of help. The landscaping was overgrown with weeds. Trees needed trimming. Landscaping bricks once lining the flower beds were now beneath the ground. In addition, the inside storage areas and rooms were in need of cleaning. In other words, many trips removing items out to the dumpster were made.

The Sisters were preparing to sell their property. They will be purchasing land that will fit their needs better. A place that will not require so much maintenance. This was a monumental task that seemed as though it will take forever to finish!

Where Did The Help Come From?

When Sr. Mercy was asked where our group came from or if she had advertised on Facebook for help, she replied, “God sent them. That’s what happens all the time. Have you heard of Providence? Believe me, it works. It works better than Facebook!” This must have been where God wanted us to be because if our original painting task was still on, then there wouldn’t have been a group to send to the Sisters.

We were at the Sisters of the Good Shepherd house for three days assisting in cleaning, tidying and repairing items. The Sisters told us what joy and blessings we brought to them, but truly they were the ones bringing joy and blessings to us. Their smiles and encouragement made the tasks not feel so difficult.

Sweet Treats from Sweet Sisters

On the last day, the Sisters insisted on treating us to a local custard shop for all we had done for them. They were so sweet and we were truly blessed to be able to work for them.

The Conference Sessions

“Alive in You” was part mission trip and part conference. The sessions were great in the evenings with talks, Mass, Reconciliation, and Adoration. The conference portion was truly amazing. They incorporated fun activities and games in each session, and the talks were relatable to the youth.

The mission work is what we will remember as being an amazing, life-changing experience, though.  The Sisters of the Good Shepherd said they will pray for us for forever, and we will pray for them as well.

Coming Home

Parish Missionaries with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd

Our group with the Sisters!

On July 14, we loaded the bus back up to head home. It felt like a different group this time. These twenty-eight people grew close together over this trip. The bus was loud and sounds of joy filled the bus. The group is already asking where we can go next year together. This was truly an amazing experience that we were blessed to be part of.

“God sent them. That’s what happens all the time. Have you heard of Providence? Believe me, it works. It works better than Facebook!”

Sr. MercyWhere’d the help come from?