There is no registration and no fee!  The children simply come up front when Father calls them.

The targeted grade levels are First through Fifth Grade:. They need to be mature enough for formal worship. The younger children have the Nursery Program or Sunday School. This is Liturgy; not babysitting.

The children gather with their parents until the pastor gives the invitation for the children to come forward. They will process to their separate place of worship. They come back to sit with their families at offertory.

The purpose of  Children’s Liturgy of the Word is twofold: to form children in a quality liturgical experience and to facilitate the proclamation of Scripture into the child’s life.  The celebrations of these liturgies are intended to form children in the liturgical language of the church, to nourish and guide their spiritual growth, and to immerse them in the Word in ways that are understandable to them.

It is not a replacement for religious training.

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