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This weekend, you are invited to Take a Closer Look.  After each Mass, representatives of the Care for the House of the Lord steering committee will offer guided tours so that you can view the areas included in the project and learn what the professionals have recommended.

Most families have recently completed filing their 2017 income tax returns.  This is the perfect time to review the level of charitable contributions you have made, compared to your income.  Each of us has been blessed with unique talents and financial gifts.  One expression of an ultimate financial goal is to contribute 10% of our income from our first fruits, to the needs of others to justly share our resources with the church and those who need our help.  Five percent is a goal for support of the parish, one percent for CSA and four percent to other charitable causes.

Did you know? Median Catholic household income in the U.S. is about the same as median Protestant household.  If U.S. Catholic households simply gave at the same rate as their Protestant friends (not necessarily tithing, but 2.2 to 2.5% of their income) each U.S. Catholic parish would see its annual collection revenues double.

Please prayerfully consider what your response will be to this year’s CSA/Care for the House of the Lord appeal. Gifts of all “shapes and sizes” will be needed.  Be as generous as you can!  The gift range chart below, illustrates the types of gifts necessary to achieve the financial goal. The timing and scope of the project will be determined after all commitments have been received.  The project will be debt free.  Let’s gather as a community of faithful and complete the whole project as soon as possible!

Gifts Needed Above and Beyond Your CSA Contribution


Gift Range # Gifts Required Cumulative Total
$35,000+ 1 $35,000
$15,000 2 $65,000
$10,000 2 $85,000
$5,000 5 $110,000
$2,500 10 $135,000
$1,000 15 $150,000
$700 61* $192,700
Under $500 Several $233,000

Care for the House of the Lord

This year, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the construction of our “new” church, which was formally dedicated by Bishop Joseph M. Breitenbeck and Fr. John Porter on February 2, 1988. I am grateful to earlier generations who faithfully cared for the original church until our community outgrew the little white church across the street, and to the families who sacrificed to create the worship space that we enjoy today. We are blessed with a beautiful place to worship and now it is our time to come together and do our part to maintain our House of the Lord. I am excited to share with you that this year we will be combining the 2018 Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) with a project called Care for the House of the Lord. The project will restore the interior finishes to their original condition with quality, commercial-grade materials that will endure for the next generation. The scope of the project includes:

  • Rebuilding the floor under the altar area, which has lost some of its integrity.
  • Removing wallpaper on the east and west walls (adjacent to the rose windows) and repairing two structural cracks.
  • Repainting the center of the church ceiling, east and west walls, chapel, sacristy, narthex, cry room, usher/scrip room, and restrooms.
  • Addressing the main entrance doors and exterior metal lintels (above doors/windows) which show signs of early rust.
  • Refinishing of the pew cap rails, backs and ends.
  • Reupholster pews, kneelers (qty. 61) and freestanding chairs/kneelers (qty. 80).
  • Removal and disposal of old carpeting.
  • De-installation of pews, while replacing the carpeting, maintaining integrity of the original floor bolt system.
  • Installation of an inductive hearing assistance system (Hearing Loop System).
  • Installation of new carpeting in the church, chapel, sacristy, cry room, and usher/scrip room.
  • Additional items may be considered as parishioner input is gathered.

The total estimated cost of the project is $233,000, including a 15% contingency.

The Care for the House of the Lord project will be combined with the So Faith May Flourish 2018 CSA Campaign. Essentially, all contributions to the combined effort will be processed as CSA gifts and once our parish CSA goal is achieved, all additional funds will be returned to Assumption to support our parish project. In other words, to secure the future of our church building, you will be asked to include the Care for the House of the Lord project in addition to your annual CSA gift.

Our 2018 CSA Goal                                       $131,631

Care for the House of the Lord Estimate       $233,000

Combined Campaign Total                            $364,631

Thank you for help in the worthy effort to maintain our home here at Assumption.