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Did you know Assumption “caters” to butterflies?

Throughout the many flower gardens and beds spread across Assumption Parish’s campus, our Garden Club and the students from Assumption School take care of special plants. There are numerous flowers and plants that were planted specifically to encourage the propagation of butterflies! If you stop for a moment and look at the gardens, chances are you’ll very quickly see a butterfly gently fluttering by.

Take some time to enjoy the beauty of the flowers and plants and, most importantly, the featured guests – the butterflies!

This chubby caterpillar was found in one of the butterfly gardens at Assumption by a Garden Club member. Look at the beautiful colors and lines!


See the visitor above? This very hungry caterpillar will soon form a chrysalis. Watch the video below to see the amazing process!

Once the transformation is complete, the newly formed Monarch butterfly will break free from the chrysalis and flutter freely in search of nectar to drink! See this amazing feat here:

Now that you know this amazing process, take some time to visit the Assumption gardens to see the beautiful creatures. God is amazing!